Retirement involves some significant changes to life – income will be different, use of time will alter and the relationship with a partner and/or friends will undergo a transformation. Everyone approaches retirement from a different point of view and with a mix of emotions. Even those who are looking forward to it can feel a sense of loss after the initial euphoria wears off. Capworth Enterprise offers Training programmes and workshops to help your people prepare for this new phase of their Lives

Pre-Retirement Workshops

Planning for retirement can be a daunting task. Our workshops are designed to give participants comprehensive and up-to-date information, tools, and techniques for a successful transition to retirement. Our two-day workshops are designed for anyone approaching retirement, whether voluntarily or through redundancy, this practical course is designed to smooth the transition from work to retirement and make it a more enjoyable experience

Pre Retirement Training Programmes

Our Pre-retirement Training programmes are designed for employees approaching retirement shortly or in a few years time to enable them plan how to confront their economic reality after exiting the organisation. The Programme encourages participants to think of retirement as a new exciting phase of life and the fact that it needs not become a calamity.
The course also introduces participants to post-retirement Entrepreneurship and they are taken through an orientation of “entrepreneurial personality” which, rather than be characterised by a propensity for risk taking, will, among other things, focus success on one thing – “opportunity focused.”

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